m | font foundry

no.1 | Lotte Modern

The first font style developed by M. Font Foundry.  Created by hand to reflect the graceful movement of ink across a page with a natural rhythm, the modern and minimal lines

no.2 | Rilla

elegant, graceful, timeless, romantic, flourished, dignified, refined, delicate

no.3 | Blythe Spencerian

refined, definitive, showy and large, give it lots of negative space and allow it to fill the space, black tie formal, not delicate, more masculine

no.4 | Wallis - modern with formal caps

elegant and modern together, a trendsetter and trailblazer, use for modern or to tone down formal, lots of personality, stands on its own, layers together


Opentype programming, old style numerals, in and out-stroked letter forms at beginning and end of words, six alternate lowercase t cross-strokes, Roman numerals, seamlessly connecting script ligatures, alternate lowercase letters, realistic double-letter ligatures, basic Latin encoding