...in process - A midsummers night's dream

Today we have some background on the Midsummer Night's Dream suite we created for a photoshoot with Absolutely Events.  You know me, I start with my sketches of all the different pieces and ideas and move onto the art pieces.  This was a tough one; I knew the idea I wanted to work with and it just didn't turn out the way I wanted...I redid the artwork twice and still ended up reworking all the pieces digitally. 

The artwork for this one was on the complicated side.  I wanted to incorporate the design elements of a chinoiserie or antique damask and how different little scenes were depicted and layered.  I also wanted a "fairy hallow" with shades of blues and purples. 

I then put paint to paper, filled everything with shades of yellows, purples, blues and greens...and I hated it and did the entire thing over again in shades of blues.