...in process - A Midsummers Night Dream


Like all our designs, we start with some sketches.  This one was particularly in need of a layout since I knew there would be quite a few elements and characters in play.  By sketching it out, I have a better idea of where I can use what elements, how the pieces translate from the invitation all the way through to the menus and placecards, as well as I have a better understanding of what elements will need to be created.   


From the sketches, I started created the artwork with pencil and paper, then went back through and inked it all in.  This was a case that i wanted to leave some of the lines visible, so I choose to use ink rather than just leaving the pencil.   

...then comes the mess.  Im grateful that I have enough space that I can get out all my toys and leave them out if need be.  I started painting these in last night and finished them this morning.