April collaboration with the curious calligrapher

we love the curious calligrapher - the forum that margaret corely and fozzy castro-dayrit created to bring both aspiring and beginning calligraphers together.  i love the camaraderie and support that exists here and i wold definitely recommend checking it out - so many resources, not to mention so much prettiness! 

they have been offering a free downloadable desktop background each month and  i was honored to have the opportunity to create the background for the month of april.  i wanted to create something light and delicate including uplifting words about spring as well as some pretty blossoms.  having recently relocated to portland, oregon after living in the deserts of arizona for five years, i have been so blessed by the beauty of the blossoming spring trees here in the pacific northwest!

i hope that you enjoy the background!  you may download it here. what is your favorite thing about springtime?