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Announcement | Original Artwork

About a month or two ago, I started doing something that may seem pretty straight forward, but I had never thought of before (it was a bit of a 'duh' moment).  I started creating artwork for no other reason than creation and practice.  As an artist, it's actually a bit of a conundrum.  I personally know that I have a hard time sitting down and just creating something without any guidelines or parameters.  I never know what to paint - or to paint at all.  I could sketch, but what would I sketch?? 

So a began letting color be my parameters and not worrying too much about what I actually painted.  I also started letting the watercolor behave as watercolor should, and not worrying so much about it being "perfect".  I allowed the paints to bleed together, the reds play into the greens and the blush into blue. 

A funny thing happened - the more I practiced, the better I saw my work getting.  Shocking, right? Who knew that practice improved one's skills! 

Another unexpected thing happened - when I started posting my latest work on social media, I received much higher praise/likes/accolades than normal!  My most liked post on instagram EVER was a bronze gouache leaf painting!  I was somewhat (totally.  I was totally) blown away! 

So every other day or so I sit down to create something for the fun of it, but now I have a whole pile of gorgeous watercolor artwork.  What will I do with all this artwork? 

Well, after several requests, I've decided to sell it!  They're my babies, but my walls are full and they need to go to good homes. 

Check out my shop to pick up your favorite piece!

Design House of Moira | Original Artwork

So as we welcome 2016, I have launched the first round of artwork for sale.  Each piece is unique and original, so if there's a piece you love, snap it up before someone else does!  And don't forget to check back for new pieces to be added!

To celebrate the launch, I've also added a free printable to celebrate 2016!  Find it in the shop, download and don't forget to share how you use it with #moiraart

Design Hous of Moira | Original Artwork | Free Printable

Stop the Glorification of Busy - Free Printable

To follow along with my upcoming series, I'll be adding free printables along the way for your own printing pleasure.  I would love for you to print, frame and enjoy these on your wall as a reminder to slow down once in a while.  Feel free to download to your hearts content here.

Share this on instagram or facebook and tag or hashtag #stgob (for those who think this is a bizarre acronym (it is) it stands for Stop the Glorification of Busy, the title of the series and, hey look!  that's what the quote says!) for a code for a free printable exclusively for you next week! 

Featured...Style Me Pretty Living!

I've begun offering some sort of little holiday goodie in the form of a free downloadable and printable pieces, and our Mother's Day printables are featured on Style Me Pretty Living today!  You can check out the entire post here.  

The collection of designs feature calligraphy and hand lettering, as well as springy yellow floral pieces.  You can download the designs through the Studio Shoppe here!  I did feature one design that was lettering only as well, in case anyone wants to keep it simple.  For the Style Me Pretty feature, the designs were paired with envelopes from Paper Source in their colors Curry, Leaf and Chartreuse.   I also paired the pieces with some vintage stamps from my own collection for a little added detail (little known fact, did you know that I have an extensive stamp collection?).  Enjoy!