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Modern Calligraphy Summit | Final Registration

This has been such a long time coming!!  The Modern Calligraphy Summit begins at the end of the month and I'm so excited to get started!! 

Before we can begin, we have one more round of open registration before we close the doors!  Registration will run through the end of the week, so don't delay. 

Lets review what we're talking about here:

The Modern Calligraphy Summit is an intense calligraphy workshop taught by nine of the best calligraphers from around the world.  So often interested students miss out because an instructor isn't in their area or they cant get to the workshop for scheduling reasons.  We've solved those problems!  The summit is entirely online and we have students joining us from 38 countries (and counting!)

The summit will run for two weeks, adding a new video each day.  Classes will range frombasic lettering, to brush lettering, developing your style, brush lettering, flourishing, envelope layout and so much more!  We'll also be hosting two live webinars at the end of the summit to address business and pricing questions as well as studio/work space questions.  Our private Facebook group for all attendees has also proven a wonderful platform for encouragement, Q&A and interaction with professionals.  You'll have lifetime access to the summit videos to check back in and watch them again and again.

This summit is the first of its kind and I'm thrilled to be part of it!  This is such a great way to kick start your calligraphy business, further your hobby, or pick up a new one! 

Want to get signed up before it's too late?  Click here!

Modern Calligraph Summit | Design House of Moira

2016 Philadlephia Workshops
Design House of Moira | Creative Workshops


2016 has brought some really exciting new things for me so far, and we're only a week into it!  I have a really awesome second announcement in a few days that doesn't even have anything to do with workshops!

I've taught calligraphy workshops in the past both in hosting them myself and teaching at Paper Source for several years.  I love teaching and being able to share my passions and obsessions with others, but I've really strayed away from it for a while now and I miss it!  I have so many passions and loves, and anyone who knows me personally know that those passions tend to overflow into all other aspects of my life.  There are so many hobbies I've collected over the years, experiences I've learned from, and business mistakes and successes and I want to share that!

That all being said, I've decided to teach a series of workshops throughout the coming year to touch on all sorts of things.  My current obsession and the focus of my attention is how to make money as a creative; creating a solid and consistent brand, and using that brand to target your ideal client and learning how to turn that into a money making business.  I'm obsessed with studying it and can't wait to share it!

Many of the workshops will be geared towards creative businesses (experienced or inexperienced!), but don't fret!  There will be plenty for the hobbyist as well!

2016 brings another big change in my life.  I'll (FINGERS CROSSED) be moving soon (yet again.  This will make five major moves in two years, in addition to another 6 moves in and out of storage units and a 3,000 mile cross country move).  Johnathan and I are house hunting for our forever home and are getting our currenthouse ready to sell.  Something that is in the forefront of my mind as we house hunt is finding a home that has a large enough space or studio that I can host workshops in my own home (I mean, how awesome would that be!!).  It would make set up a breeze and I would be able to host anything from an intimate class of just a handful all the way up to a full sized class. 

Being from California where everything is so spread out, I love how (relatively) close together everything on the east coast is!  I would love to also be able to host traveling attendees who are driving in from other cities to attend (Hello, DC and NYC, I'm talking to you girls!).

Right now, I'm asking for anyone who is interested to get signed up so I can see which classes are the most requested and who's interested, that way when I have some dates solidified, I'll be able to let you know. 

Head over here to get signed up!

Modern Calligraphy Summit | 30 Minute Video!

Good morning and happy Monday!  The 9 instructors of the upcoming Modern Calligraphy Summit have a special treat for you today!  We sat down with Ashley Lurcott, the host of our Summit, and chatted about our favorite tools and why we love them!  Grab a cup of coffee and settle in for a 30 minute video, get to know us a bit, and kick start your week!

(Post Script: I'm a total dork on camera)

If you singed up yesterday, you'll have a link in your email.  If not, sign up here and join in the fun!

Modern Calligraphy Summit | Victoria Rothwell | Moira Design Studio

workshop | west elm summer series




i am so thrilled to partner with west elm this summer for a series of workshops!  for my first workshop, i did a quick fire calligraphy class.  the workshops are designed to build on one another, so i'll actually be doing another calligraphy workshop in a few weeks so students can take one or both. 


students were greeted with some tasty treats and guava jasmine tea prior to the class.  for this particular style of workshop, i taught two specific fonts styles and a set of specific words that are applicable to the overall workshop series.

Calligraphy Workshop San Francisco

We had such a lovely and amazing time teaching our first San Francisco calligraphy workshop!  We had the beautiful Natalie from Natalie Bowen Design host us at her darling new studio in SOMA.  Her studio has several workable rooms and a large patio out back.  The entire studio is bathed in gorgeous natural light with an amazing collection of curated vases and florist the MOST amazing wallpaper in her powder room! 

moira ink calligrphy.jpg

For this particular workshop, we taught a specific font style.  The kits included a white ink, black ink, pen holder, and 4 nibs.  We also included a full lettering exemplar of the letter with several phrases and words done in the font as examples.  We topped the whole thing off with some envelope and paper products from our favorite Paper Source. 

Moira Ink Calligraphy workshops!!

We are so thrilled to announce the launch of our calligraphy and lettering workshops!!  You can register for either our San Diego calligraphy workshop (October 26th) or San Francisco (November 10th)  through our Studio Shoppe!  We'll be adding an additional San Diego (La Mesa) class as well as a second San Francisco class soon! 

Moira Ink - Calligraphy Workshop 2.jpg

Our calligraphy workshops will cover beginning calligraphy techniques, review and style and entire font set, learn and review basic flourishing, centering, ink types and mixing colors as well as the basic supply options.  This workshop is perfect for soon-to-be brides (and their bridesmaids!) as well as industry professionals, shop owners (talk about having adorable signage!), crafters and scrapbookers, as well as anyone looking to learn a new skill set.