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...In Process - A Midsummers Nights Dream

We're working on creating an invitation suite for Angie of Absolutely Events  based on Shakespeare's A Midsummer Nights Dream.  Its one of my favorite pieces from Shakespeare (along with The 12th Night).  However, it lends itself to a few conundrums...this massive list of characters and elements, for example.  I sketched out all my pieces already (pics to come, of course) and I new I wanted to include trees, a fairly hallow, and .... something else.  I wanted to create some sort of pattern to include all the different characters, with vines, leaves, flowers, fairies, spider webs, etc.  I used the base idea of a chinoirsier or toile to blend all the elements together. 

Since I knew that would be the most difficult design, so thats where I started.  I first sketched it, then inked it in.  From there, I'll scan it into the computer and clean up any pen skips or mistakes, then print it out and add paint.