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Bespoke | Indigo

From our amazing photographer on the project, Cadence Kennedy, "As an artist and photographer, I am constantly inspired by color, light and art. I started dreaming of an "indigo" inspired styled shoot after learning of "Cyanotypes" a few years back. Cyanotypes are deep blue photographic prints which originated during the 1800's. They are created by laying botanicals or objects on top of light sensitive paper, exposed to the sun, then developed."

Moira Design Studio | Design House of Moira

Photography: Cadence Kennedy //  Florals: Aurora Botanica // Styling: L 'atelier Vert // Calligraphy: Design House of Moira // Curation: Orchard + Broome // Dresses: Stone Fox Bride // Backdrop: Starling On Bond // Hair: Hair by Tiffany Hayden // Makeup: Jillian Cleary

Bespoke | Elisie

private estate | angelic sculpture | calligraphy | pale | elegant | black tie | silk | deckled edge | gold

Thanksgiving Downloads!

Thanksgiving has always been one of my very favorite times of year and favorite holidays.  As much as I absolutely love Christmas time, I love that Thanksgiving is more quiet, calm, and truly is about time spent with our most loved ones and taking the time to be grateful for the many blessings that we have been given.

As you may or may not know, I am very thankful for my sweet little white rabbit named Andy.  John and I are both pretty smitten with him!  I wanted to create some Thanksgiving downloads that you could print out and use at home and decided that Andy would be the star this year - all dressed up in his feathers and his pilgrim hat.  I think that if I tried any of this in real life, that I would get a not-very-amused bunny, but illustrated Andy likes to dress up!

The downloads are available through our studio shoppe at our studio shoppe!

I will be spending Thanksgiving with John's family here in Scottsdale and am making the cranberries and the dessert - pumpkin pie may be my favorite thing ever!   It will be the first time in a few years that my parents will not be coming out, but I look forward to getting to see them at Christmas.  What about you?  Are you traveling for the holiday? What is your favorite dish to make/eat?

I hope that you enjoy these little downloads and that you all have the most wonderful time with your loved ones and take the time to be quietly thankful.

xoxo Jenny process - A Midsummers Night Dream

Like all our designs, we start with some sketches.  This one was particularly in need of a layout since I knew there would be quite a few elements and characters in play.  By sketching it out, I have a better idea of where I can use what elements, how the pieces translate from the invitation all the way through to the menus and placecards, as well as I have a better understanding of what elements will need to be created.   


From the sketches, I started created the artwork with pencil and paper, then went back through and inked it all in.  This was a case that i wanted to leave some of the lines visible, so I choose to use ink rather than just leaving the pencil.   

...then comes the mess.  Im grateful that I have enough space that I can get out all my toys and leave them out if need be.  I started painting these in last night and finished them this morning.