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Semester IV course lineup announcement 

We will be announcing next semester's courses next week!  For current students, you can we'll be announcing via Facebook live on Monday, January 22 at 9am.  We'll be announcing the courses throughout the rest of the day on instagram on our blogs!

If you haven't joined us as a student yet, Design House Prep School is an online business school geared towards creatives.  We add new courses each semester covering both creative and business side of being a creative entrepreneur.  Join us at Design House Prep School to get your creative business on the track for success!

Prep School - Creative: Paper Marbling
Design House Prep School - Marbling


Paper Marbling

So much of what we stand for is establishing, maintaining and nurturing a positive work/life balance and that includes indulging and nurturing your own creativity outside your usual work.  Each semester will hold several creative courses, just to keep the inspiration alive and to expand your horizons.  This creative course is to explore the basic art of paper marbling, the supplies, process and applications.

Design House Prep School
Design House Prep School

Beginning in September...

Join us for our maiden semester in learning and growing together.  Design House Prep School is an online workshop series geared toward creative entrepreneurs who want to grow, build and explore their passions, with a focus on creativity, business management, and profitability. 

Our goal is to create a community together to support one another, learn together, and curate a better work/life balance.  Our first semester will begin with 7 courses, combining business focus as well as creative learning.

Design House Prep School
Prep School - Pricing for Creative Businesses
Design House Prep School
Design House Prep School - Pricing for Creative Businesses




Pricing for Creative Businesses I

With three consecutive semesters of pricing courses, we will work from how to establish your base prices, evaluating your market, finding clients, profitability and monetizing your work, elevating your pricing and clientele, and working into a luxury brand.  Our first semester will focus on determining your worth, market research, establishing value in your products, determining your need, establishing your priorities and pricing breakdown case studies.  This course is perfect for a new creative business owner, or a creative looking to revamp their profitability.