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Bespoke | Rebecca & Jeff

Behind the Scenes 

Laura was having a winter wedding and wanted to echo the tones of the season without having a Christmas wedding.  We worked with her florist and gown designer to incorporate the same floral types as her bouquet and the applique on her gown to create the floral pattern.  The outlined line botanicals of her invitation was a wonderful match for the lace on her gown as well.  

We first begin working with a client by creating a sketch incorporating their ideas and the vision we have for their pieces.  From that sketch, we create all the artwork and work into their proof.  

The photos below show Laura's proof, the original artwork that was used to create her design, as well as a few of her printed pieces.  

Printed Pieces 

Her final pieces were on the larger size and tucked into a custom printed folder.  The folder was printed with the simple line botanicals pattern on the outside, and the full color artwork on the inside.  All of the invitation pieces were tucked inside and it was tied shut with a burgundy silk ribbon and mailed in an envelope lined with a combined artwork and line botanicals and printed with blooms.  

We kept the invitations simple with line botanicals to let the artwork on the folder be the focal point.  

Bespoke | Elopement



"we fell in love so we ran away"

Design House of Moira | Elopement | Custom Wedding Invitations

Two people fell in love, eloped and got married!  To announce their marriage, we created a main piece with the date they tied the knot, paired with a reception card announcing a celebration thrown by the brides parents.  I created the suite with handwritten, contemporary brush calligraphy and printed the entire suite on handmade cotton rag paper.  The envelopes were both lined with monochromatic indigo florals, and addressed in the same looping indigo lettering.  The entire suite was wrapped in hand dyed silk ribbon.