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photography: Krista A Jones

design: Alex Meyer

stationary & calligraphy: Moira Design Studio

flowers: The Floral Studio

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"...In you I wrap a thousand onward years."

Bespoke - midsummers night dream

Our last post told the story of the process and artwork behind a wedding invitation suite inspirited by A Midsummer's Night Dream.  The final suite was a gorgeous combination of shades of blue, violet and purples with black details.  


I really did enjoy working on this suite even though I went through a period of discouragement with the artwork and color palate.  


The most colorful and my personal favorite part of the suite was the watercolor painting of a fairy hollow.  I created a little vignette of trees spanning a space with colorful flowers and lots of blues.  I used the artwork on a thin velum that wrapped the entire suite and held all the pieces together as well as the envelope liner and the back of some of the pieces.  


The invitations featured a calligraphy monogram, banner and watercolor flourish.  I wanted to keep the main portion of the invitation free of heavy artwork and focus on the calligraphy elements.  I knew that the other pieces and the backs would hold enough color and artwork to balance the suite as a whole. 


The back of the invitation suite was the artwork that took me the longest, as one could imagine, especially given that I redid the entire thing from color to shades of blue (see previous post for further background).  I kept the artwork on the response card and reception similarly simple, but added some of the silhouettes as details. 

moira design studio.jpg

As always, the calligraphy on the aubergine envelopes was a perfect match to the suite in opaque white ink.  I lined the envelopes with the matching fairy hollow, with the reply card with matching calligraphy on its liner.  I choose some vintage stamps to round out the design. 

I LOVED creating the programs!  They folded with the artwork contenting front and back. When opened, the bridal party was depicted by silhouettes with the bride and groom in the middle.  

Featured...on Oh so beautiful paper!

It is always a pleasure and an honor to be featured by an industry blog!  We love Oh So Beautiful Paper and are thrilled to have our Peach Orchard bespoke suite featured there today!