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Do they have a budget? It's always a question I like to ask first to get a jumping off point. You know your work and how long it would take you to do the layout and the actual lettering, take the time you think it would take you (like maybe two hours each) and multiply it by your goal hourly (mine for calligraphy is a minimum of $45/hour but I try and stick more around 65 if I can). If you did the math at two hours for each set of vows, you'd be just under $200


Linda Sung not at all, you ultimately need to do what works best for your own work method. However, you do need to be aware of how much you profit.

If you haven't already, time yourself and see how many words a minute you can do while taking your time (factor in set up time too). If you can only get done 10 words a minute, then you know you have a baseline on how much to charge to get yourself to a rate where you can actually be profitable.that would depend more on how long it would take you to do. personally, I could bust out the layout and lettering for that in a matter of a few hours - lets say three. if i go off my minimum price, i would be at $135 total, which I think is too low. If i shoot for my goal hourly of $55, I get $165 and i STILL think that's too low. i also have to keep in mind that I'm REALLY fast at things like this.

I would say $275-325 would be a good range for the piece because I also want to create a perception of value and worth (which is why its REALLY important not to undercharge or under price yourself). I go through this breakdown in my head every time i quote a project. based on all that mumo jumbo, your $.50 is a good range, but only if you can get it done in 5 or 5.5 hours or less. it's really important to be able to calculate your hourly as well to know if you're actually making any money. you also have to keep in mind that you cant necessarily calculate it the other direction - like say its going to take you 10 hours and based on $45 an hour, the project would be $450 - thats obviously a bit high. its about finding that sweet spot between the pricing the market can handle and getting your turn around time low enough to turn a profit.

remember that the longer you take on a project, the less time you have to 1. take on other work 2. promote yourself or network 3. create samples for your website 4. post on insta 5. practice 6. put together quotes for other inquiring clients 7. etc.

you have to know going into a project how long you have to complete it and know that if you're constantly overrunning your time, you need to make some changes in your process to streamline things.