Arpa Handmade Envelopes Cream

Arpa Handmade Envelopes Cream

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Arpa papers are made of pure cotton and linen. The labor intensive process of preparing, pressing and drying the pulp to make these papers is done with the same traditional tools that papermakers have used in Spain for hundreds of years but in a production large enough to assure a consistent color and caliper. The papers and envelopes are finished with subtle deckle edges. Hand-crafted by Arpa, Artesanos del Papel, Spain.Remember to add your printing!  Papers through M.Print are exclusively for our printing clients and are not available as a la carte items.  

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+ Texture & Shape

Overall eggshell texture. Arpa envelopes have a pointed flap with a natural deckled edge. Most Arpa envelopes have a naturally lacy edge. Arpa envelopes are ungummed.

+ Color Notes

A warm vanilla ivory

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Ordering paper through M.Print is exclusively available when pairing with our printing services. Paper is not available for a la carte purchases.