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Beginning this fall...

Join us for our maiden semester in learning and growing together.  Design House Prep School is an online workshop series geared toward creative entrepreneurs who want to grow, build and explore their passions, with a focus on creativity, business management, and profitability. 


Our goal is to create a community together to support one another, learn together, and curate a better work/life balance.  Our first semester will begin with 7 courses, combining business focus as well as creative learning.


Semester I:


Pricing for Creative Businesses I

With three consecutive semesters of pricing courses, we will work from how to establish your base prices, evaluating your market, finding clients, profitability and monetizing your work, elevating your pricing and clientele, and working into a luxury brand.  Our first semester will focus on determining your worth, market research, establishing value in your products, determining your need, establishing your priorities and pricing breakdown case studies.  This course is perfect for a new creative business owner, or a creative looking to revamp their profitability.

creative: Watercolor I

In our first watercolor course, we will explore color theory, basic color mixing, supplies, and basic applications and techniques.  The watercolor courses, like the business and pricing courses, are meant to build on one another semester to semester.


Creative: Paper Marbling

So much of what we stand for is establishing, maintaining and nurturing a positive work/life balance and that includes indulging and nurturing your own creativity outside your usual work.  Each semester will hold several creative courses, just to keep the inspiration alive and to expand your horizons.  This creative course is to explore the basic art of paper marbling, the supplies, process and applications.


Creative: sketching for creatives

Since I'm obviously a stationer, this is a perfect course for those creatives looking to hone in their paper process with their clients, but it's also a great course for all creatives looking to smooth out their customer experience.  We'll talk about why having a sketching stage is important, how transparent to be with your clients, it's advantages as well as how to go about adding a sketching stage into your own process. 



Finding & exploring your passion

Many people have a dream to quite the hustle of their day jobs and follow their passion, but that's such a broad idea, where does one even start?  We'll talk about how to find your passion, the "four letter word" (day job), how to leverage it to your advantage, how real the hustle needs to be, what to expect, and when is the right time (if any) to quite the day job to fully pursue your passion.


establishing your creative process

Honing and refining your creative process is such an incredibly important part of owning and running a profitable creative business.  A consistent workflow helps us manage our clients, set client expectations correctly, correct our time management problems, elevate our client's experience, and ultimately be more profitable.  It also allows us as the creative to drive the creative process rather than our clients being the drivers.


Bonus content:


Private facebook group

Registering for any Prep School course grants you admission or our online private facebook group; a place to share our struggles, get encouragement, share successes, ask questions, problem solve, and create a community of artists striving to become better together.  Any course also earns you our "I'm attending Design House Prep School 2016" social media badge to share across your social media platforms to help kick start our community.


Live Q&A

We will hold a live Q&A session at the beginning, midpoint and conclusion of each semester to chat, get to know one another, address specific or commonly asked questions, and further our community.


Mini Sessions

The entire community will also have access to a number of shorter bonus videos throughout the semester, touching on smaller topics of interest, commentary, humor and industry. 



Each course also includes a homework assignment with multiple due dates throughout the semester (depending on when you signed up for the course) so each group of students taking a given course can share their homework throughout their social media and in our private facebook group to chat about the assignment, share struggles and successes with one another.



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