— printing —



Let's talk about printing! Different printing methods can help us achieve different aesthetic goals for your suite. During your initial inquiry phase with us, we'll work with you to gain an understanding of your personal and wedding style, and the overall look and feel that you're trying to achieve. Are you a huge fan of texture? Do you like metallic shine? How about dreamy watercolor florals? Any of these different preferences would direct us towards a certain type of printing method.

Getting to know you will help us bring our expertise to the table to recommend which printing method would be best for you. Of the many different methods out there, we specialize in offering flat printing, foil printing, and letterpress. 

— Flat Printing —

Creating the hundreds of shades in a watercolor wash or some gorgeous loose florals is a breeze when it comes to flat printing. We love this kind of printing for recreating the intricacies of colors and gradients. The possibilities with flat print are endless!

Because it does not require the creation of a special plate, flat printing has the fastest turnaround and is also going to be at the lowest price point in our offerings. 


— Foil printing —

There are several ways one could achieve a metallic finish in your lettering or details. Of those, we prefer foil printing. Similar to letterpress, a metal plate is created of your design and then pressed down to print the metallic foil. 

One great way to combine metallic foil with additional colors is to combine flat printed artwork with foil lettering. Foil comes in a plethora of colors and shades, including gold, silver, rose gold and copper.


— Letterpress —

Letterpress is a gorgeous and very old method of printing. This is created by using a "plate" based on your design and pressed into thick paper, indenting the page. It has an amazing tactile quality to it that just cannot be matched. 

We approach letterpress in two different ways. In the first, we can do an entirely pressed suite, which would be the case when your design focuses on calligraphy, typography, and simpler line artwork. Or alternatively, the second way is in combination with flat print. If you're interested in the tactile aspect of letterpress but don't want to give up some more complicated watercolor artwork, for example, we can also combine the two. The artwork would be flat printed first, after which the calligraphy could be letterpressed over the top.