your dream day began with a proposal, so that's exactly where we are going to begin as well.  you may hear and read (repeatedly) that your paper pieces "set the tone for your wedding."  personally, i'm incredibly tired of this particular phrase, but it is still 100% true.  your paper, beginning with your save the date, followed by your invitation, and rounded out by your reception pieces, create an overall "brand" to your wedding day, setting the tone and location of your wedding, formality, and your own personal style.  i love creating artwork inspired by your stone venue, the tree you're to be wed under, the historic home you're celebrating in, or the gorgeous look of a suite entirely of calligraphy.  these details, tied together with an impeccable attention to detail, create a suite to swoon over. 

when we begin working together, it's important to establish your personal style and location of your wedding at the beginning of the design process, so we can design your paper wardrobe around your wedding style.  in your initial proposal and contact, we'll discuss your overall vision for your wedding.  please be prepared with a ballpark of your color palette, images of colors, flowers, or other paper products that make your heart sing.  we'll discuss all the opportunities that we will have to present your overall branded style, including your save the dates, invitations, welcome letter, place cards, menus and many, many more! always keep in mind that the sky is your limit - don't feel like you have to do only the pieces you've seen done at other weddings or pieces you see in the gallery.  our initial proposal will include all the pieces we've discussed and basic details that affect the pricing of your paper wardrobe (see design process for more information)


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