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As stationers who shoot our own product for everything from our website to social media, we are always on the lookout for interesting and beautiful pieces to add to our arsenal of styling props. Hand-dyed silk ribbons, tiny marble platters, dried botanicals of all kinds... Using the right props helps us create captivating imagery and present our work attractively.


Our first styling boxes came together as part of a thank you to some of our students at Design House Prep School. It took us much longer than expected, mostly because we enjoyed the process of putting together these boxes so much that we kept coming up with ideas for another round of boxes that did not exist... yet!

Whether you are just starting your own collection of paper products or already a veteran photographer yourself, we'd love to be a part of your journey towards collecting a wonderfully curated selection of papers, products, and props. 


We will be curating a very limited run of styling boxes that will be color or intention focused, addressing styling needs for both photographers and stationers alike.  If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, get signed up below for updates and news of the launch!  We're definitely looking at very limited runs each time, so if there's a box you're interested in, jump on it right away! 

Flat Lay Styling box

Perfect for flat lay styling, our styling box includes carefully sourced small dishes, fabrics, handmade or unique ribbon, dried blooms and additional small details all perfect for your styling kit.  This kit is a superb match for photographers, stylists and stationers alike!  Each run of the Flat Lay Styling Box will be produced with a cohesive color theme, from taupe to hydrangea to plum.

Paper exploration Box

Explore all the gorgeous paper types available to stationers without the hassle and expense of placing full orders for each and every paper! We know fulfilling those order minimums, paying shipping costs, and ending up with stacks of unused inventory can be a huge barrier to entry when it comes to playing with new papers. Allow us to curate a collection of paper types, new products, envelopes, overlays and escort cards for you to touch, play with, and print on so you can decide how you like working with them prior to recommending them for a client.  The Paper Exploration Box will include 2-4 pieces of each different paper or envelope type.

Styled Shoot Box

Create stationery for beautiful styled shoots while exploring new paper types and options.  Styled shoots are the perfect opportunity to produce new ideas, hone your creative process and explore new products and aesthetics.  But in order to create a whole suite, you'll need the whole set of paper sizes as well! The Styled Shoot Box will contain six matching sets of each size of a particular paper type so that you can produce everything you need for your styled shoot! We'll source from a variety of new paper types and paper creators to bring you our favorites to work with.


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