building your calligraphy business

a three day course on monetizing your work

Design House of Moira | Workshops



Join me along with two other calligraphers (blue eye brown eye & happy hands project) for a three day workshop on monetizing your calligraphy business.  The workshop will be recorded live in June 2016, but you can still catch the whole reply!

This course will be a wonderful way to give your business a jump start!  the workshop is incredibly affordable at $97 and is now available streaming on demand through Modern Thrive!


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Philadelphia Workshops

2016 holds some exciting new ventures, including the launch of a new creative suite of workshops.

Design House of Moira | Creative Workshops


Topics will include:




Modern Lettering
Creating Your Own Font
Brush Lettering



Starting a Creative Business
Making Money Running a Creative Venture



Silk Screen Printing
Watercolor Florals
Cyanotype Printing


All workshops will include refreshments, networking, Q&A
and supplies needed for the class.  My goal is to keep the classes intimate for an extraordinary learning experience!

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Myself, along with 8 other amazing calligraphers, are participating in the upcoming Modern Calligraphy Summit!  It's the largest scale workshop that I've been a part of thus far, and it's an honor to work along side such amazing ladies! 


The Modern Calligraphy Summit is a new approach to learning handlettering and calligraphy.  Rather than hosting local workshops that are only accessible to those within driving distance, we're hosting the summit online, accessible anywhere in the world!  We've featured some fun videos along the way that are totally FREE to get you excited about the summit!  The live summit will begin February 22, 2016 and will go through March 5th featuring videos, tutorials, workshops and accompanying worksheets and supply lists for each class.  The classes will be available to view live, or at your leisure.  Workshops will include:

Laura Hooper: Beginner Calligraphy

Anne Robin: Intermediate Calligraphy

Fozzy Castro-Dayrit: Developing Your Own Style

Victoria Rothwell: Flourishing

Ashley Buzzy: Digitizing and Preparing for Print

Annie Mertlich: Floral Embellishments

Drew Europeo: Brush Lettering with a Pen

Alissa Mazzenga: Brush Lettering with Gouache

Nicole Miyuki Santo: Brush Lettering with Watercolor


In December, we launched three FREE videos tutorialing a few of our holiday favorites treats: drawing and painting holiday wreaths, handlettering with basic supplies, and mixing gold ink!

The next round of registration will be starting in February, but you can get signed up now to receive our top tools worksheets and access to our December mini video series.  Chick here to get signed up for info and registration!