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archetype & fine art

wedding invitations


Who We Are

Design House of Moira is a highly sought after & regarded design firm in the fine art and wedding industries. artistic director and visionary, Victoria Rothwell, is an innovator and pioneer in the creative world, driving the design industry forward and conceiving original and fresh takes on the traditional. The company’s overall attention to details and archetypal approach to wedding invitations makes them a unique destination for your design and wedding.


 As a company, Design House of Moira is particular & selective about the quality of products they work with and use only high quality paper types to ensure your suite not only looks and feels beautiful, but stands the test of time.  All their wedding invitation suites are designed specifically for each client, featuring one of a kind artwork and calligraphy all done by hand and created for each client.

ar·che·type: /ˈärkəˌtīp/

an original that has been imitated, a prototype


Expert Guidance

With expert guidance in etiquette, formality, products, printing and mailing, we guide you through your desing process smoothly and stress free


fine art: /ˌfīn ˈärt/


creative art, especially visual art whose products are to be appreciated primarily or solely for their imaginative, aesthetic, or intellectual content.


art direction & quality

servicing our clients with thorough & complete art direction sets us apart in our industry.

we manage your design process from creating your artwork, developing your lettering style, expertly selecting your papers & ornamentation, managing the printing of your project to ensure quality & color, as well as full assembly and mailing services.

our goal is to manage and direct every detail throughout your invitation process, allowing you to enjoy the engaging portions of the process and remain stress free.