Design House of Moira | Victoria Rothwell

Design House of Moira is teaming up with House of Creed fragrances for an amazing workshop series!

House of Creed will be hosting a series of workshops across the nation as experiences for the clients that compliment the overall Creed brand. In working together, our goal is to design a workshop that will be taught with consistent content and level of service across the country at every location.

In order to accomplish this goal, Victoria Rothwell of Design House of Moira has designed and developed a Copperplate calligraphy style and workshop format that will be taught in each city. The specific style of Copperplate was selected to represent the Creed legacy and brand and will be required to be taught in each workshop.

Workshop format:

Each instructor will have access (and be required to watch) an online course hosted and taught by Design House of Moira and Design House Prep School. The online course will walk you through the workshop format, tips and tricks. For this workshop, we’re using a more unusual format to accomodate the goals of Creed. We’ll be focusing on the Creed heritage, important years throughout their history, and pairing the scents with calligraphy. Since we have a limited time frame of two hours, rather than teaching the entire alphabet, we’ll be giving a quick run down of how to do basic strokes and allowing students to pen their favorite scent names on vellum/layout bond tracing over the workshop handout. The goal is to keep the workshop very positive and help promote sales for Creed, while giving guests a beautiful take-away piece. We’ll have them create tags for their selected scents that they will pen the names of in the tracing format. This will also give you as the instructor an opportunity to show off a bit and do some tags for them.


The materials for each workshop will be designed and produced by Design House of Moira and shipped from Creed to each location including the workshop handout, nibs, inks, etc. The materials we’re including will have a range of nibs to best accomodate the preferences of different instructors (for example, we’ll included the 101, blue pumpkin, and Brause rose). Set up and tear down of the workshop as well as beverages and snacks will be provide by House of Creed.

What we’re looking for:

We’re seeking calligraphers across the country with several years of experience in calligraphy as well as teaching. Ideally, we’d like some formal training in Copperplate or Spencerian under your belt - this could be an IMPETH workshop, course from a Master Penman, in-person multi-week course or one-on-one mentoring with an experienced pro. We know that a lot of calligraphers teach themselves these days from books, and that’s alright as well. We want to make sure that you have a decent handle on Copperplate before teaching as a representative of the Creed and Moira brands and is able to write formal calligraphy mimicking the handout style live in front of students.

From Victoria:

I’ve personally noticed over the past handful of years that the quality of in-person workshops has continued to decline. One of my favorite parts of this collaboration with Creed is that we get to start an open dialog about workshops and teaching, levels of standards and expectations, what experience you should have prior to teaching, how much to charge, what should be included, etc. My hope is that all the instructors we bring on to teach this workshop series also has a passion and willingness to continue to push our industry forward and upwards, improving ethics, quality, and value along the way.

this is a paid opportunity and each instructor will be compensated by House of Creed. each instructor will have the opportunity to include their own contact information for students.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in joining, please fill out the below contact form! We are still finalizing cities, you’ll be updated and notified when the list is completed.

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How long have you been doing calligraphy?
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