Process & Timeline

Please be familiar with our process and timeline detailed out below. When placing order with us, this knowledge is paramount to a smooth printing process.

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Product lead time

Please allow for one month lead time when placing orders for product. Many of our makers fulfill orders ad hoc and it’s necessary to allow time for the product to be produced. We do not offer rush orders for product through our makers, so please plan accordingly within your own creative process and client timeline.

Please order 20% additional product above your required count. Due to the temperamental state of handmade paper, we will lose a percentage to scuff marks that aren’t able to be recovered. In our printing process, we hand inspect each and every printed piece, removing scuff marks by hand with “paper surgery” tools.

Our makers are gracious enough to adhere to our timeline, but if your timeline is delayed for any reason, we’ll let you know immediately.

Our printing timeline begins once we have your product in hand as well as your files approved by our print department.

This is a strict timeline. If you do not have a month and a half to allocate to sourcing and printing, then you’re barking up the wrong tree because we have ZERO sympathy for you and your inability to manage your own timelines.

Print lead time

Our printing timeline begins once we have your product in hand and your approved files. Our standard printing turn around time is three weeks, so please plan accordingly. If you need to have your pieces turned around more quickly, a 10% or $150 rush fee will be applied to your order (whichever is greater).

We will update you as soon as your job is completed and ship the following business day. We strictly ship via FedEx and will not ship anything via USPS (because we like our packages to actually arrive when they’re supposed to).

Most of our projects will be featured on our M. instagram page both during their printing process and final stages so you can follow along!

Digital Printing on Handmade Paper ..JPG