Prep School

Design House Prep School is an online school geared towards creative business owners.  Whether you are running a busy side hustle, an established full time creative entrepreneur, or completely brand new to everything, you can put together your own curriculum with the classes that apply to you. With a straightforward and honest approach, we parse apart the key topics and ideas that creatives struggle like scarcity mentality, how to value and price your work, how to not work 24/7, how to define your aesthetic and put together a solid contract. With and focus on how to run a successful creative endeavor while maintaining your sanity, Prep School has become the leader in online creative courses.

Design House of Moira | Teaching


Following over a decade of experience in the creative industry, Victoria's no-nonsense approach to business is a great addition to any creative workshop, retreat or conference.  From tackling difficult issues like Imposter Syndrome and Scarcity Mindset, to learning how to separate emotions from business and how to price your work, to the nitty gritty of the artistic techniques we use in our business, the DHofM team is available for speaking engagements and travel. 

Speaking investments starting at $4,500 + travel



If you're looking for an intense, hands-on approach to getting your business on track for success, the DHofM team offers one-on-one business coaching.  A step above becoming a student with Prep School, coaching allows you direct face time with Victoria to build and create a business plan and strategy specially geared for your business and success.  Coaching is geared toward higher experience levels that are beyond the Prep School lineup of courses.