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quoting out your project


All of our pricing is listed on our website, allowing you the amazing ability to price out your project quickly and efficiently. We want you to be able to have the advantage of putting quotes together for your clients as fast as possible. We offer straight forward pricing and pre-sourced products that are perfectly curated for your project.

As an alternative to true handmade paper, we also offer a variety of our house papers which still carry the look and feel of handmade paper at a lower price point. You can also mix and match papers from our handmade selection and our house selection. Again, all prices are listed on our website to make pricing as quick and painless as possible.

Step one:

Make your paper selections. You aren’t limited to any one maker, so you can mix and match papers and sizes across all our offerings. Once you’ve made your paper selections, including envelopes and overlays, add your selections to your cart.

Step Two:

Make your printing selections. Printing prices are individually based, so select the number of items to be printed and the level of printing you’ll need. We offer two levels of printing - Tier 1 is based on simpler artwork that is primarily one to two colors or text based. Tier 2 is several colors or artwork heavy. Tier 2 projects require far more time in color calibrating and correcting in order to assure an excellent finished piece and usually requires attention and adjustments to be paid to each color shade. Once you’ve made your printing selections, add your selections to your cart.

Step Three:

Your cart represents your quote. This is the price you can pass along to your client, so please make sure you've included all your pieces and printing options. The only additional cost will be shipping, so don’t forget about that. Shipping will be quoted out once your project has been finalized. We ship exclusively through FedEx.

We do not charge set ups fees, there are no plates involved, or fees to color correct your files. You’re welcome.

Have an unusual project? Shoot us an email!


Ready to place your order?

Once your client has finalized their design and you’re ready to move forward, place your order through our website including paper types and printing. Since we expect at least a month lead time on your project, you can place the order as soon as your client has signed off, even if you haven’t finished the design yet. Once you’ve placed your order, changing it is difficult and can incur a re-ording fee, so please plan accordingly.

Once we’ve received your order, we immediately cue it up with our makers and suppliers. We will then begin communication with you regarding your print files. Keep in mind that your timeline does not begin until we have your product AND your approved files in hand. If your file preparation runs behind schedule regardless of reasoning (your client didn’t get back to you, you were away on holiday, etc.), your project will be delayed in our cue and you may incur a rush fee.

So many people in our industry have timeline issues with their clients. At Design House of Moira, we don’t, so we know it’s possible to curtail this. The printing process with M. is lengthy, but it’s a timeline we work with every single one of our own clients with, so we know it’s possible. If you can’t seem to figure out how to carve out this much time with your own clients, you’re going to have to learn how or we probably won’t work well together.

If this seems super daunting to you, check out Design House Prep School for courses in Pricing I, Creative Process, Sourcing, and Time Management to learn how to better manage your time and your clients. Use coupon code ‘MPRINT’ for 10% off any course.


file preparation

Please keep your printing method in mind when you’re designing. All design work needs to fall 1/4 from the edges of the paper.

Please send us your files in a Dropbox folder to info@designhouseofmoira.com named with your order number and business name. Within your Dropbox folder, please include the following items:

  • all files you’d like printed

  • the digital proof approved by your client

  • the moodboard for the design (this could be of your creation, from the client or planner, or a handful of images from pinterest that you feel embody the overall look and feel)

Please have each individual file named in the following format:

order number, business name, paper selection, quantity

for example:


We accept PDS and Illustrator files, no PDFs or JPGs. Please have your files organized and clearly labeled. Each file to be printed needs to be in it’s own file with the correct canvas size. If we can’t figure out your files, we’ll send them back to you for clean up. Your expected print time begins when your files are approved.

We will color adjust and calibrate to best match the digital proof as well as the overall look and feel of your project.