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Advantages to digital printing with m.


availability of printing artwork and watercolor

Digital printing allows for thousands of colors versus letterpresses one color at a time printing. This allows for things like watercolor artwork or gradient colors to be printed rather than single or two color printing.

We can print watercolor brush lettering on handmade paper, an affect that can not be printed with letterpress.


 Multi Media paper & surface options

Having all your papers printing in one location, specifically with M,, opens up a whole new world for media. Most commercial printers won’t print on handmade paper, and the ones who are able to do not offer printing for envelope liners, overlays and envelopes. M. does not outsource any of our printing, so you be more creatively free to combine paper types across your entire design.


Variable printing  

Digital printing allows for more variety of file printing. If your client needs two different reply cards printed, or invitations in two different languages, we can easily accomodate this.


Elevate your Brand

The ability to print on multiple paper types and handmade paper allows you to offer more interesting products and textures to your clients, elevating your brand and helping you create an unique aesthetic all your own.


 Free up your time

Printing on handmade paper and multi paper types is incredibly time consuming. Feeding each page individually and color calibrating your printing across multiple surfaces eats up days at a time. Most designers don’t have the experience to troubleshoot issues quickly or source the papers that will print best on digital printers. Out sourcing your digital printing frees up so much of your time to spend expanding your business, refining your aesthetic, and creating for clients.


 The Experience of M.

we have years and years of experience printing for our own clients on all sorts of medias and surfaces and that expertise is now yours. Our own work is heavily artwork based and incorporates color in everything we print. Through our own design work, we’ve become incredibly experienced in color matching and calibrating across multiple surface factors and media types. You can now have the creative freedom of multi media printing and the assurance that your printing is being handled by color and printing experts.