Porridge Papers

“In the early 90’s I bought a paper making kit. Before I knew it there were designers, customers and a damp musty basement. I ended up in front of a banker. A “hobby business” he called it! Well I decided to do it my way…the hard way. Nebraska to New Mexico and back. With the help of some amazing employees we have made paper for weddings, presidential events, famous bands and not so famous. Produced a single custom sheet for an order and 2.2 million for another! After a quarter of a century making paper who knows what the future holds. But one thing I can say, there is a lot more paper to be made!”

Why we love them: The paper from Porridge is extremely soft, fluffy, and thick. The edge of Porridge papers have a felt like finish. Their colors compliment each other beautifully across their collection.



Idyll Paper

Deckled edge paper goods featuring a smooth surface, refined texture, exceptional printability, and on-point color selections. The colors Idyll Paper dreams up are one of a kind, full of emotive and thoughtful attention.


Why we love Idyll: focused on sustainability and ethical production, we love what Idyll Paper stands for. The colors selected throughout their collection are thoughtful, unusual, romantic, and visually interesting. The edge of Idyll’s paper has a heavy deckle.


Rag Papeterie

Rag Papeterie is a collaboration of two creative minds inspired by the world of modern fine art. Their love and appreciation for organic colors and textures combined with their knowledge of paper making is the very essence of their work. A deliberate and thoughtful process focused around design is how they determine their colors, weights, textures and sizes. Made from the finest quality 100% recycled cotton rag, their collection of deckled edge handmade paper has a soft, velvety texture, making it ideal for a multitude of printing options, each with very unique results. Their exclusive range of colors is carefully curated with the artisan in mind. 



Silk and Willow

Silk & Willow is dedicated to fair trade and fair business practices and uses only the highest quality materials sourced, globally and locally, from ethical partners—master weavers, dyers, and cultivators who help them grow and expand their product line. Their goal is to make your event sparkle with their handcrafted goods, turning your invitations, bouquets, and table decor into beautiful heirloom treasures you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Why we love Silk & Willow: All of Silk & Willow’s papers have a subtle overall texture, which gives is an almost textile finish. The deckle on the sides is consistent and would be described as a medium deckle.

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house papers

we also carry a line of house papers to fill out our offerings. All our house papers also feature varying characteristics of handmade paper. We can also order flat papers (such as envelopes) for your needs to ensure all your printed pieces are color matched across your suite.


Fine papers from Italy, Rossi is a harder stock with a stiff deckle, available in white and cream and European sizes.


Handmade papers from Spain, Arpa is characterized by its rippled, lacy edge. Available in several colors and European sizes.